postheadericon What does Vegetable Glycerin do to your body and the Benefits of Combining CBD with Vegetable Glycerin?

Clear skin was among the most searched combination of words in 2018. Every time someone posted a picture outlining their skin transformation over some years, the question that always followed was: What skin cleansing techniques do you use?

Some dutifully obliged and explained the products they used. A curious person would have noticed that at least one of the products displayed contained glycerin, vegetable glycerin to be precise.

Briefly, what is vegetable glycerin?

Vegetable glycerin is a clear, viscous, and odorless liquid that is produced by plants. Glycerin exists in plants in the form of triglyceride which can be broken down into its constituent components, glycerin, and fatty acids, through a process called hydrolysis. Soy, coconut oil, and palm oil are the most common plant oils used to produce glycerin.

Vegetable glycerin is preferred to any other type of glycerin because plants have saturated fatty acids. As you might be aware, cholesterol levels in the body cannot rise after taking saturated fatty acids.

Benefits of Glycerin on the Body

1.    It Helps Improve Dry Skin

Glycerin can capture moisture from the atmosphere and lock it into the skin. This humectant attribute of glycerin keeps the skin well moisturized at all times.

Topically applied glycerin can also prevent toxins that will make the skin dry from entering the skin.

2.    Reduces Constipation

A common cause of constipation is lack of enough water and fiber in the diet. During pregnancy, the pressure the uterus exerts on the intestines can lead to constipation.

Glycerin is a mild laxative. Ingesting it will ensure that the digestive process is smooth.

3.    Limits Body Dehydration

Drinking plenty of water is undoubtedly one of the best ways of ensuring that you remain healthy and give your skin a glowing look.

However, most of the water you drink is later lost through urine. Applying glycerin on the skin has shown to reduce water loss in the body by up to 50%. This is a fantastic way of keeping the body hydrated without having to drink water continually.

4.    Helps to Prevent Frizzy Hair

Many people have embraced natural hair and even more want to embrace it. Maintaining natural hair can be challenging and expensive if you do not have access to the right information.

Glycerin is a relative inexpensive of maintaining your hair. All you have to do is to dampen your hair first then apply the glycerin.  Your hair will have a soft and silky feel after two to three weeks.

5.    Has Anti-Aging Properties

A poor lifestyle, bad diet, exposure to the sun, and pollution are some of the factors that can increase the aging process.

Glycerin can help prevent some of these factors from increasing the aging process.

Glycerin can be processed into a sweetener that has half the carbohydrates that sugar has. Reducing the number of carbohydrates ingested is an excellent way of improving your diet; a great diet, on the other hand, is the first step to ensuring that you have healthy skin.

Exposure to the sun and pollutants can be prevented by applying the glycerin on topically on the skin. The glycerin will prevent toxins from penetrating the skin.

Glycerin has many benefits to the body; the list above is not an exhaustive list of the benefits that it can have to the body.

 Certain companies are now combining glycerin with CBD to produce a compelling product that has an even longer list of benefits.

The practice is picking up pace fast.

Benefits of combining CBD with Vegetable Glycerin

CBD oil, glycerin, flavor, and alcohol can be combined to produce a substance called CBD oil tincture. The alcohol acts as a preservative while the flavor is used to obscure the taste of the CBD oil. Some of the flavors include chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon. Honey can also be used to give the resultant mix, CBD tincture oil, a sweet taste. 

The following are the benefits of using CBD tincture oil:

1.    Helps Improve Depression Symptoms

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) exists in the human body to regulate mood, pain, and sleep. It uses cannabinoids produced naturally in the body to do this.

It becomes hard to control these processes when the cannabinoids in the body are deficient. Taking CBD tincture oil introduces these cannabinoids into the body externally and ensures that the ECS works optimally to regulate the processes as mentioned earlier.

2.    Helps to Maintain Heart Health

Stress can lead to a rise in your blood pressure. This can get even worse if a person suffers from anxiety.

The CBD oil in tinctures can help reduce stress and anxiety via the ECS which controls things like mood and sleep, important factors to take care of when it comes to maintaining normal blood pressure.

3.    Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Glycerin in the tincture is a sweetener that can be used in place of sugar.  Reducing sugar intake will keep the blood sugar level as close to normal as possible.

Additionally, tests carried out on CBD oil has shown that it can reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Therefore, using tincture, which contains both CBD oil and glycerin, is one of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of diabetes.

4.    Acne Prevention

Acne develops as a result of hair follicles being blocked by oil or dead skin. The manifestation of acne is pimples and spots appearing on the skin.

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to reduce the pimples on the skin.

Glycerin has also been known to keep bacteria that can cause acne away from the skin.

The combination of the attributes of these two ingredients is an excellent defense against acne.

From the benefits mentioned, it is clear that the individual ingredients of tincture do not lose their unique attributes even after being mixed to form CBD oil tincture.


The clear skin that you wished for can be achieved in a matter of weeks, and you do not need expensive products to do it. Just use a combination of glycerin and CBD and you are good to go.

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